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NOTE: This data has been collected since the 1980's, and some suppliers may no longer be in business. If the cost is listed with no cost date, you can pretty well be assured that it is VERY old.

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Adaptor, 4 Bbl CarbTrans-Dapt 2064Holly 390 To S6 4bbl Man      11.99    
Air FilterK & N E-10001bbl slant six Air FilterK & N          
Alternator, Single Field7000Slant 6           
Armrest Pad, RF, Blue 63-66 Dart + Valiant           
Armrest, LR, BlueMopar 249001763-66 Dart + Valiant           
Armrest, RF, BlueMopar 249001663-66 Dart + Valiant           
Back Up Light Assembly (Lens & Housing)Mopar 2243196?63 Valiant      6.07    
Ball & Trunnion front U-joint Boot & Clamp kitAndy Bernbaum # Q-102'60-'65 all A-bodyAndy Bernbaum315 Franklin StreetNewtonMA02458617-244-111822.505/20/2003 Part is listed as fitting '60-'62 Valiant because Bernbaum's catalogue only goes to '62. Compatibility is through '65. Also has the complete front U-joint rebuild kit (which includes the boot and clamp kit), Q112, $75
Ball Joint, Lower, LeftMoog K-78763-73 'A' Body      50    
Ball Joint, Lower, RightMoog K-78563-73 Mopar 'A' Body      50    
Ball Joint, UpperMoog K-70463-73 'A' Body      25    
Bearing & Race Set, Front, InnerTimken SET49" BrakesRockAuto     5.026/1/  
Bearing & Race Set, Front, OuterTimken SET19" BrakesRockAuto     4.386/1/  
Bearing & Race Set, Front, OuterTimken SET2MoPar 10" Brakes           
Bearing, Clutch ArmMopar 2265938Slant 6, Std TransmissionPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-04000.3    
Bearing, Extention HousingMrc 206s22B&T 4 SpeedMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025650-328-5606     
Bearing, Front Wheel, 10", InnerNAPA SKF LM67048MoPar 10" front drumNAPA          
Bearing, Front Wheel, InnerL44649Mopar With 9'' BrakeMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025650-328-56063.81    
Bearing, Front Wheel, OuterLm11749Mopar With 9'' BrakeMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025650-328-56065.34    
Bearing, Throwout (With Collar)Bower V-1505-CMopar      19.25    
Bearing, Throwout (With Collar)L+S Tt1054MoparScherba's Auto Supply     14.98    
Bearing, Throwout (Without Collar)Bower 1505Mopar      11.2    
Bearing, Throwout (Without Collar)L+S Tt1054MoParScherba's Auto Supply Menlo ParkCa94025 10.69    
Bearing, TransmissionFederal Mogul 206-14 Speed Tail Shaft           
Bearing, TransmissionMrc 307m (1307)4 Speed           
Bearing, TransmissionNdh 4775073 Speed, Input ShaftMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025650-328-560612.98    
Bearing, TransmissionSKF 6307 1984-084 Speed           
Bearing, TransmissionSkf 6307 1984-084 Speed           
Belt, FanAlert 330Mopar VanScherba's Auto Supply     4.14    
Belt, FanAlert 79063-64, 67- , Slant 6 'A' BodyScherba's Auto Supply     4.29    
Belt, FanAlert 810 (57 3/4'')65 + 66 Dart 225Scherba's Auto Supply     4.29    
Belt, FanDayco 15575?           
Brake Adjuster, ManualLee 1500-2Early Dodge Van W/ 10'' + 11'' Brakes      4.88    
Brake Adjuster, Self Adjusting, Lht (Right Side)Lee 152360-68 Mopar W/ 9'' Brakes      4.94    
Brake Adjuster, Self Adjusting, Rht (Left Side)Lee 152260-68 Mopar W/ 9'' Brakes      4.94    
Brake Flex Hose, 63-66Raybestos Bh1901563-66 A BodyKragen Auto Supply     11.99    
Brake Hold Down SpringMopar 2207520Early Mopar Hook Type           
Brake Hold Down SpringWagner F34898s63-66 A Body 9Young Auto Parts929 Main StreetRedwood CityCa94063-0000650-368-39811.94    
Brake Shoe, 9'' FrontAlbany Brake 330A BodyAutozone10412 Brunswick RoadGrass ValleyCa (530) 272-606611.99    
Brake Shoes, 9'' FrontWagner Pzb Ca333063-66 A Body 9'' FrontYoung Auto Parts929 Main StreetRedwood CityCa94063-0000(650) 368-398124.78    
Brake Shoes, 9'' Rear114Early A Body 9''Scherba's Auto Supply     9.95    
Brake Shoes, Front, 9'' Riveted11260-66 Mopar 9''      9.56    
Brake Spring, Coil + PinLee 1157-2Brake Hold Down           
Bushing Set (2), Strut RodMoog K-7040Mopar 'A' Body      36.558/28/2004   
Bushing Set (2), Upper Control ArmMoog K-40860-76 Mopar 'A' Body      19.92    
Bushing Set (2), Upper Control ArmPRC 1219263-66 A Body           
Bushing, Lower Control ArmMoog K-79163-76 'A' Body      5.15    
Bushing, Lower Control ArmPRC 1219363-66 'A' BodyNAPA          
Bushing, Strut RodPRC HB999n63-66 'A' BodyNAPA          
Bushing, Strut Rod (OEM)Napa 274-8999Mopar 'A' BodyRiebe's Auto Supply129 Idaho - Maryland Rd.Grass ValleyCa 530-273-40001.60   Original type
Bushing, Trans PilotHelp! 14003Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     1.59    
Cable, Battery, 20''Carol Cp20Slant 6, NegativeScherba's Auto Supply     3.19    
Cable, Battery, 25''Carol Cp25Slant 6, NegativeScherba's Auto Supply     4.1    
Cable, Battery, 37''Carol Cp37Slant 6, PositiveScherba's Auto Supply     5.19    
Cable, Self AdjustingLee 2100 (2 In Pkg)Mopar 9'' Brake      4.23    
Cable, SpeedometerAc 615lhUniversal      3.01    
Cable, Speedometer (Complete)Mopar 242616364 Dart           
Cable, Speedometer, 72''Help! 03368UniversalScherba's Auto Supply     3.69    
Cam, Turn SignalGsl 1-980462-66 A BodyBig A Auto Parts622 North College Ave.Fort CollinsCo80524(303) 482-34705.99    
Cam, Turn SignalShee-Mar Sm 1362-66 A BodyTiger Auto Parts903 North College Ave.Fort CollinsCo80524(303) 482-93004.77    
Cam, Turn Signal, premium qualityKoldos (order by description)62-67 all modelsDavid Koldos626 Grand AveElginIL60120847-888-2652   dkoldos@ameritech.netMuch higher quality than parts store items. Worth the extra hassle to buy this one.
Cap, Brake Adjusting HoleLee 1456 (Pkg Of 20)Universal      0.22    
Cap, Brake Adjusting HoleNiehoff Nh-1456 LgaUniversal      0.23    
Cap, Gas Tank, Non LockingStant G-2763 - 66 'A' Body           
Carburetor Fuel FloatStandard / Carquest FL93Holley 1920          This one even has Holley cast in, like the originals. Napa / Echlin has been discontinued completely. Standard has discontinued the brass float :(
Carburetor gasketFel-Pro 60188 future # 13-1058Super six            
Carburetor Kit, CarterHygrade 1636Carter BBDAlta Sierra Auto Parts Grass ValleyCa95949      
Carburetor Kit, HolleyBorg Warner 10344aHolley List # 3274-1      12.74    
Carburetor Kit, Holley model 1920Borg-Warner Part # 10392AHolley 1bbl           
Carburetor Kit, Holley model 1920NAPA-Echlin 2-5461Holley list # 2887, 1962-some 1973NAPA     17.67    
Carburetor Mounting GasketFelPro 60125Holley 1920autozone,          
Carburetor, Carter 1bblCarter 4198Early Slant Six      95.96    
Carter 1bbl Accelerator PumpHyGrade C64-140Carter 1bblVarious     15.14 (delivered)1/1/15   
Chain, TimingHoof Hc495Slant 6           
Choke Pull OffHygrade Cpa-9Stromberg Ww           
Clip, Emergency BrakeLee 1177nebUniversal, Brake Lever To Shoe           
Clip, Emergency BrakeRaybestos H-1177Universal, Brake Lever To Shoe           
Clip, MouldingMopar 3744671Chrome Moulding, Universal           
Clip, Moulding, PlasticMopar 600217267 Dart 270           
Clips, LinkageHelp! 41016cAssorted UniversalScherba's Auto Supply     2.29    
Clutch Arm PivotMopar 282640268 Dodge Van (Bell Housing Side)           
Clutch Disc, 10''P3082MoparScherba's Auto Supply     27.65    
Clutch Disc, 9''P3081Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     17.95    
Condenser, Slant 6Sorensen Alc72Slant 6           
Connecting Rods, 19810530 (Effingham) 2951260 (Rod's forging #)"Long Rod" 225 & other custom SL6 engine buildsEffingham Regrinding Inc.411 W. Wernsing Ave.EffinghamIL62401-2743(217) 342-4186 6/10/2002effingham.netregrinding@effingham.netEffingham had 108 of these connecting rods reconditioned and "on the shelf" as of June 2002. This is the 7.006 long SL6 connecting rod from the 198 SL6 (1970 - 74 Base engine only).
Connecting Rods, 198Effingham RegrindingSlant SixKantner    217-342-4186 6/7/2002   
Connector, HoseMopar 2258912Mopar Windshield Washer           
Control, VacuumBorg-Warner V-161Holley 1 Bbl Carb      6.25    
Crank, TailgateMoPar 2299444'63 - '66 A-Body Wagon          NOS part comes with gasket but no lock.
Cylinder, Brake, LF, 60-66Raybestos Wc3417760-66 Mopar 9"      11.72    
Cylinder, Brake, LF, 62-66Safe-Line W34177Mopar 62-66 9"Scherba's Auto Supply     12.89    
Cylinder, Brake, LF, 67-72Raybestos Wc3710367-72 Mopar 9" , 1 1/16" Id      11.81    
Cylinder, Brake, LF, 67-72Safeline W7120367-72 Mopar 9" , 1 1/16" IdScherba's Auto Supply     11.98    
Cylinder, Brake, LF, 73Raybestos Wc3728773 Duster 10" , 1 1/8" Id      14.41    
Cylinder, Brake, Master, Rebuilt, Dual, 67-721323Mopar 'A' Body & Van, 67-72 Dual PistonScherba's Auto Supply Redwood CityCa  26.98    
Cylinder, Brake, Master, Single, 60-66Raybestos Mc3433060-66, Single Piston      38.04    
Cylinder, Brake, Master, Single, 60-66Wagner F4320760-66 Mopar Single Piston      38.04    
Cylinder, Brake, Rear, 13/16 IDWagner 7873474 'A' Body Mopar W/ 10" Brake      13.53    
Cylinder, Brake, Rear, 60-72, 9"Safeline60-72 Mopar 9"Scherba's Auto Supply          
Cylinder, Brake, Rear, 60-72, 9"Wagner Wcf3487660-72 Mopar 9"      9.99    
Cylinder, Brake, Rear, 63-72, 9"Safe-Line W34876Mopar 9" 63-72Scherba's Auto Supply     10.98    
Cylinder, Brake, RF, 62-66, 9"Safe-Line W34178Mopar 62-66 9"Scherba's Auto Supply     12.89    
Cylinder, Brake, RF, 67-72, 9"Raybestos Wc3710267-72 Mopar 9" , 1 1/16 ID      11.81    
Cylinder, Brake, RF, 67-72, 9"Safeline W7120267-72 Mopar 9" ,1 1/16" IDScherba's Auto Supply     11.88    
Differential Parts, Ring and Pinions, Positractions, Axles & Much Much More!AllDodge, Chrysler, MoparJaw's Gear & Axle2660 Albatross WaySacramentoCA95815866-922-5297  www.jawsgear.cominfo@jawsgear.comWe carry all kinds of differential performance parts for your Mopar Car or Truck. We specialize in Differenitals. Qualtiy Parts, Best Selection, Lowest Prices Guaranteed! Call us today.
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Borg Warner C190Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Echlin MO4Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6E-TRON CH-219Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Niehoff AL72Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Sorensen Cr310Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Standard CH403Slant 6           
Distributor Cap, Slant 6Wells CR904AKSlant 6           
Distributor GearHelp! 90450Slant 6      2.42    
Distributor Gear, MetalEchlin DG404all slant sixNAPA     5.99 by Charrlie_S  
Door, Headlight, 63-64 DartMopar 227614663-64 Dart      23.72    
Door, Headlight, Valiant, 63-64Mopar 244594663-64 Valiant           
Duct, Defroster VentMopar 227765563-64 Dart & Valiant           
Dust Cover, Adjusting Hole, qyt=4NAPA 80729Universal           
Dutra Duals, Cast Iron Dual ExhaustDoug DutraAll Slant Six EnginesDoug Dutra1318 Los Arboles Ave.SunnyvaleCA94087Please write to address above for best response 1/6/2002www.dutra.orgSee information at the Web Site aboveMade to Order, many options avail. Single Manifold, $220, Both @$420
Electronic IgnitionPertronix 1361A'60 - '72 Slant Six      $74.994/27/15 These are available on Ebay all the time.
Engine Mount Slant SixMacKays "Silentruba" Products Pty., Ltd., 260 Chesterville Rd.Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189, Australia  (03) 9555 6500     
Filter, AirFram Ca146plSlant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     4.49    
Filter, fuel sender (sock)1670694MoPar          Also known as the sock filter for the sending unit.
Filter, fuel sender (sock)GM 5651705MoParChevrolet Dealer         compatible filter sock
Filter, oil, tallFram PH8AAll slant local parts store          
Filter, Oil, TallV-1aSlant 6      2.25    
Float, fuel tank sending unitFord COAZ-9202-BAll MoParFord Motor Company     4.97    
Freeze Plug, 1 5/8'' RubberHnk-299604dUniversal      2.28    
Freeze Plug, 1 5/8'', Reg CupHelp! 2218cUniversalScherba's Auto Supply     0.6    
Freeze Plug, 1 5/8'', Shallow CupHelp! 02175cMoparScherba's Auto Supply     0.6    
Freeze Plug, 2 9/64'' Mopar           
FUEL ATOMIZER 2000WYOMIN INST1979 ASEP SUPER COUPE 225 SLANT 6J.D.3489 115th streetfredericwi54837715- 653-4284 11/20/2003   
Fuel fittingDorman 492-024 or Everbrass 1791All slant-6 (converts to rubber pump-carb line)Any Dorman or Everbrass stockist         See
Gas tank/fuel tankVarious P/N depending on car'63-'76 A-bodySpectra Premium Mfg Co.Many offices throughout Canada Also fuel tank senders, straps, etc.
Gasket Set, Engine KitFel-Pro KS 210360-        by Charrlie_S  
Gasket, A904 Transmission PanMopar 2205299Mopar A904 Transmission           
Gasket, A904 Transmission Pan, re-usable MoPar A904 Transmission PanChrysler Dealers         Re-usable gasket
Gasket, Cylinder Head2843182 or Gasket078Slant 6Koller Dodge or any Mopar Dealer1565 W.Ogden Ave.NapervilleIL60540-3906630-355-3511 FAX 355-35387.2507/02/ Steel shim type head gasket, .020 thick
Gasket, fuel sending unit3404451MoParMoPar Dealers         This is the rubber gasket that goes behind the fuel sender.
Gasket, HeadFelpro 7918 PT-1Slant Six 60-87          by Charrlie_S
Gasket, Head, Steel ShimMoPar 2843182Slant Six 60-87Mopar Dealer         by Charrlie_S
Gasket, ManifoldFel-Pro Ms 9610 B-1Slant 6      5.48    
Gasket, ManifoldVictor Ms16030Slant 6      5.19    
Gasket, Manifold (Metal)Standard Ms4404Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     4.69    
Gasket, PanMopar 2205299Mopar A904 TransmissionPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087(408) 738-04002.14    
Gasket, Park HousingMopar 2466904Mopar A904 TransmissionPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087(408) 738-04000.5    
Gasket, Park HousingMopar 2466904Mopar A904 TransmissionPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-04000.5    
Gasket, Set, complete engineFel-Pro FS 8000 SB61-63 Slant Six, Aluminum Block          by Charrlie_S
Gasket, Tailgate CrankMoPar 2299715'63 - '66 A-Body Wagon           
Gasket, Timing Cover SetStandard Tcss404Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     7.66    
Gasket, Valve Cover (Cork)Standard Gasket #R40Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply39th St.San Mateo   2.96    
Gasket, Valve Cover (Rubber)Fel-Pro Vs 12680 RSlant 6      3.67    
Gear, DistributorHelp! 90450Slant 6      2.42    
Gear, Real AxleRandy's Ring & PinionMopar & othersRandy's Ring & Pinion11630 Airport Rd. #300EverettWA98204800-292-1031  
Grommet, 73 Valve CoverMopar 294607973 Valve Cover Oil BreatherPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000(408) 738-04001.19    
Handle, Emergency BrakeMopar 2823549Most MoparPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000408-738-04006.28    
Headers55-0010198, 225Clifford Performance     125.43  
Hinge, Front Door, LowerMopar 421772163- Mopar      38.43    
Holley 1920 carburatorHolley Part # 64-3109       109.993/11/2003  This is for a carburetor with a U-shaped throttle lever.
Hose, Brake Flex Line, Front, 60-66Raybestos Bh19015Early Mopar W/ 9 Brakes, 60-66      7.6    
Hose, Brake Flex Line, Front, 60-66Wagner F2407060-66 Mopar W/ 9 Brakes      7.6    
Hose, Defrost, LongMopar 283716967 Dart (Long)Pete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000408-738-04006.89    
Hose, Defrost, ShortMopar 283716867 Dart (Short)Pete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000408-738-04006.39    
Hose, Power Steering, Pressure SideOmega 480Slant 6 (Early Or Late?)      16.06    
Hose, Radiator, Lower PreformedGates 20465Early Slant 6      5.58    
Hose, radiator, upperGates 204501961-1962 Valiant-Lancer w/225          Double-bend for offset radiator inlet fitting
Hose, Radiator, Upper PreformedGates 2016865-66 Dart W/Ac, Offset To Driver's Side           
Hose, Radiator, Upper PreformedGates 20949Late Slant 6      12.1    
Housing, Back Up LightMopar 224319763 Valiant           
Housing, Tail Light, RightMopar 224305263 Valiant, Right      11.56    
Lens, Back Up LightMopar 224319863 Valiant           
Lens, Dome LightMopar 2292995MoparPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087(408) 738-04003.45    
Lens, Tail Light, Left, 63 Dart WagonMopar 242114763 Dart Wagon           
Lens, Tail Light, Right, 63 Dart WagonMopar 242114663 Dart Wagon           
Lens, Tail Light, Right, 63 ValiantMopar 229889763 Valiant, Right           
Lens, Tail Light, Right, 75 Dodge VanMopar 404977975 Dodge Tradesman VanPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000(408) 738-040021.85    
Lock Cylinder, Manual Tailgate Crank2419271'63 - '66 A-Body WagonAMS Obsolete13459 Fairmount HighwayFairmountGA30139706-337-460689.506/11/  
Manuals, Mopar1a AutoAll Mopar1a Auto2 Lomar Park Drive Unit 3PepperellMA01463888-844-3393 7/12/2002 manuals on CD and other misc. parts.
Manuals, MoparClassic Auto ManualsAll MoparClassic Auto Manuals1910 E.S.E. Loop 323 #317TylerTX75701903-566-1939  www.classicautomanuals.comclassic@classicautomanuals.comClassic Auto Manuals offers the COMPLETE FACTORY ORIGINAL Shop - Service - Body manuals in easily accessible CD format.
Manuals, MoparCrank'en Hope PublicationsAll MoparCrank'en Hope Publications461 Sloan AlleyBlairsvillePA15717412-459-8853 
Manuals, MoparFaxon Auto LiteratureAll MoparFaxon Auto Literature3901 Carter Ave.RiversideCa92501800-458-2734    Older car manuals, check on E-Bay
Manuals, MoparMcClellans Automotive LiteratureAll MoparMcClellans Automotive Literature9111 Longstaff DriveHoustonTX77031-2711713-772-3285 
Manuals, MoparWalter Miller's Automobile LiteratureAll MoparWalter Miller's Automobile Literature6710 Brooklawn ParkwaySyracuseNY13211315-432-8282 7/9/2002 
Manuals, MoparYear OneAll MoparYear OneP. O. Box 129TuckerGA30085-0129800-932-7663 07/09/2002www.yearone.comsales@yearone.comMisc. restoration parts
Motor Mount Slant SixMacKays ''Silentruba'' Products Pty., Ltd.,260 Chesterville Rd.Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189, Australia  (03) 9555 6500     
Motor Mount, RightPioneer 60230463-66 "A" body Slant SixAdvance Auto Parts OcalaFlorida  13.884/24/2003by charrlie_S  
Motor Mount, LeftPioneer 60230363-66 "A" Body, Slant SixAdvance Auto Parts OcalaFlorida  18.884/24/2003by Charrlie_S  
Motor Mount, Left, S6Borg Warner 31-223568 Dodge Van W/ Slant 6      12.53    
Motor Mount, Right, S6Borg Warner 31-230463-66 Dart + Valiant W/ Slant 6      14.15    
Motor Mount, V8Borg Warner 31-2266Mopar Small V8           
Motor, BlowerFour Seasons #3554063 to '66 A Body           
Motor, BlowerNAPA Balkamp #655-131863 to '66 A Body           
Motor, BlowerSpectra Premium #033554063 to '66 A Body           
Muffler, ShortThrush Mufflow 254MoparScherba's Auto Supply     24.48    
Nipple, Heater, 1/2''Mopar 344102070-? Slant 6Pete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087-0000408-738-0400     
Nut, J, 1/4-20'' Long10051Sheet Metal NutPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-04000.3    
O Ring, Spark Plug Tube, 257 F2-218Spark Plug TubeMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025-0000(650) 328-5606.6710/1/2015  BUNA replacement for the original spark plug seal. Won't dry out like the original.
Oil pump drive gear, BronzeBronze gear, no keyway or with keywayAll SL6 engines using a steel camshaftDoug Dutra1318 Los Arboles Ave.SunnyvaleCa94087 4512/14/$40.00 (no keyway) $45.00 (keyed) $5.00 S&H. Made of a special Aluminum Nickel Bronze for extended life when used with a steel cam. (Most flat tappet cams are made of cast iron. Special roller lifter cams are made of steel.) This material / gear is soft.
Oil, Drain, Plug, Double, OverMotormite, 365206All SlantAutozone     1.99    
Oil, Drain, Plug, MagneticMotormite, 365203All SlantAutozone     1.69    
Panel, Dash, Light & WiperMopar 242749463-64 Dart W/ Manual Trans Only           
Pcv Valve, metal for 1965 Fram Fu163Mopar           
Pedal Pad, Brake, LargeMopar 2260071Mopar Brake, Automatic Trans           
Pedal Pad, Brake, SmallMopar 1731228Mopar Brake + Clutch, Manual TransPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-04001.99    
Pedal, GasMopar 290903864-70 Dodge VanPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-04007.99    
Plug, Flex Expansion 3/4''Perfect Parts Ep-995UniversalScherba's Auto Supply     2.19    
Plug, Oil Drain, 1/2''Dorman 090-005Slant 6 Oil Pan, Partial      0.62    
Plug, Oil, 1/2'' Double OversizeHelp! 65152cUniversalScherba's Auto Supply     1.29    
Plug, Oil, 1/2'' OversizeHelp! 65151cUniversalScherba's Auto Supply     1.29    
Plug, Oil, Flexable 5/8''Help! 31002UniversalScherba's Auto Supply     3.66    
Plug, Oil, Flexible, 1/2''Help! 31020UniversalScherba's Auto Supply     3.66    
Point SetBlue Streak KPC-100XSlant Six          Includes condenser
Point SetNiehoff Pt613Slant Six           
Point SetSorensen Cr2Slant Six           
Pressure Plate, 10"Ca1525MoparScherba's Auto Supply     33.3    
Pressure Plate, 9"Ca1599Mopar 9" Clutch      27.95    
Pressure Plate, 9"Ca1669Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     22.49    
Printed Circuit Board, DashMopar 373089575 Dodge Tradesman VanPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-040016.26    
Pulley, A/C IdlerNAPA 209842AllNapa Auto Stores          
Pump, FuelAirtex 60577Slant SixAlta Sierra Auto Parts Grass ValleyCA       
Pump, FuelMaster 60010Early Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply          
Pump, Water251-304Slant 6      29.8    
Pump, Water (Rebuilt)W3107Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     16.95    
Pushrods, CustomSmith BrothersSlant SixSmith Brothers You need to have ALL your measurements or they will just give you the run around. Best thing to do is cut a pushrod, thread and nut it and adjust it to the length you need then send it to them with specs and say ''12 of these please''.
Race, Front Wheel Bearing, InnerL44610Mopar W/9'' BrakeMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025(650) 328-56061.66    
Race, Front Wheel Bearing, OuterLm11710Mopar W/9'' BrakeMotion Industries160 Constitution DriveMenlo ParkCa94025(650) 328-56061.69    
Race, Pinon BearingTimken Hm88610Mopar 7 3/4'' Axle           
Rebuild Kit, 1'' Front Wheel CylSafe-Line Wc561'' Wheel Cyl      4.25    
Rebuild Kit, Master CylinderNAPA 338Single Piston Master Cylinder           
Regulator, Instrument ClusterSorensen IVR3'67-69 A Body           
Regulator, Voltage, ElectronicAmpco VR70660-72 MoparScherba's Auto Supply     6.69    
Regulator, Voltage, ElectronicWells VR706Early MoParNapa Auto Stores     107/1/2003  Direct replacement for the original black regulator. Has a nice chrome case too!
Relay, HornPos 39-1863-66 A BodyYoung Auto Parts929 Main StreetRedwood CityCa94063(650) 368-39814.98    
Relay, Starter, Dual BoltGP Sorensen SR363-66 A BodyKragan Auto Parts10101 Olympia Park DriveGrass ValleyCa95945-0000(530) 477-7180     
Relay, Starter, Dual BoltNiehoff Al135aSlant 6Kragan Auto Parts10101 Olympia Park DriveGrass ValleyCa95945-0000(530) 477-7180     
Relay, Starter, Dual BoltSMP SR-10563-66 A BodyKragan Auto Parts10101 Olympia Park DriveGrass ValleyCa95945-0000(530) 477-7180     
Relay, Starter, Dual BoltWells Cr60463-66 A BodyRiebes126 Idaho Maryland RoadGrass ValleyCa95945-5814(530) 273-4000     
Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly, RebuiltPL-33, PL33SSlant SixRocker Arm Specialist19841 Hirsch CourtColumbusCA96007530-378-1075 7/15/2002 assemblies and pushrods.
Rocker Arms, Roller Tip1.5 & 1.6 RatioAll Slant Six EnginesCox Brothers Performance1467 Weldon Ave.ColumbusOH43224616-268-9920 (days) 614-268-9930 (FAX)   coxbros66@msn.comCall, appx. $425.00 per set
Rotor, Slant 6Blue Streak CH-303XSlant 6           
Rotor, Slant 6Niehoff Pt1203Slant 6           
Rotor, Slant 6Sorensen Cr201Slant 6           
Screws, Misc IgnitionHelp! 49810cDistributorScherba's Auto Supply     2.1    
Screws, TrimHelp! 2404cUniversalScherba's Auto Supply     2.19    
Seal, A904 Transmission SelectorTimken 8609A904 Transmission 1965-80Autozone     3.56/30/2004  This the seal that you might need to replace if you drop your valve body. The shift linkage and kickdown linkage attach to the selector.
Seal, Automatic Transmission TailshaftMoPar 1942401A904, to 1965          This seal is used with the ball & trunion trans.
Seal, Automatic Transmission TailshaftNational 7392SA904, to 1965          This seal is used with the ball & trunion trans.
Seal, Front Wheel, 10"Federal Mogul National 6804SMoPar 10" Front DrumNAPA          
Seal, Front Wheel, 10"NAPA SKF 17115MoPar 10" front drum           
Seal, Front Wheel, 9"8704-S            
Seal, Rear AxleL&S 13418Mopar 7 1/4''Scherba's Auto Supply Auto Stores     3.49    
Seal, Rear AxleNational 484058Early A-Body 7 1/4" Axle           
Seat, Exhaust, HardenedTRW LS102Slant Six           
Sending Unit, Fuel TankMopar 4051004A-Body, All YearsMopar         This is the Mopar replacement unit for the A-Body cars. It should fit all years. It comes without the ''sock''. Some bending of the pickup tube may be needed to adjust the pickup tube depth.
Sending Unit, OilAmpco Ps16Slant 6 Oil PumpScherba's Auto Supply     1.89    
Sending Unit, Temp, LargeStandard Ts-3Slant 6           
Sending Unit, Temp, SmallAmpco Tu22Slant 6, 1/4'' PtScherba's Auto Supply     3.1    
Shift Rod Grommet1941699Rubber grommet for shifter rod to transmission braMopar Dealers     2.5    
Shifter Bushing1676200Shifter rod to Transmission bracket bronze bushingMoPar Dealers     0.85    
Shock, Gas, FrontKYB KG450963-76 Mopar 'A' Body      24    
Shock, Gas, RearKYB KG551163-76 Mopar 'A' Body      24    
Sleeving, Master Cylinders AllImperial Machine Inc.621 South 112th StreetLincolnNe68520402-488-945060    
Sleeving, Wheel Cylinders AllImperial Machine Inc.621 South 112th StreetLincolnNe68520402-488-945032    
Spark plugMopar SP00RN12YC/6 with tube seals           
Spark Plug Non-FoulerHelp! 42004cSlant 6Scherba's Auto Supply          
Spark plug tube gasketNAPAAllNAPA     6.84    
Spark Plug, Autolite 56Autolite 56Slant 6, Small Block V8Scherba's Auto Supply     0.73    
Spark Plug, Autolite 66Autolite 66Slant 6 & 273Scherba's Auto Supply     1.05   This is a very good plug for the slant, based on my experience. (Chuck)
Spark Plug, Bosch PlatinumBosch Hr8bpMopar 73- S6Scherba's Auto Supply     2.5    
Spark Plug, PQ16RToyota 90919-01121Slant Six      5    
Speaker, 6x9Mopar 2427632Early Dart + ValiantPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087(408) 738-0400     
Speaker, 6x9Mopar 2427632Early Dart + ValiantPete Ellis Dodge1095 West El Camino RealSunnyvaleCa94087408-738-0400     
Spring, Brake Hold DownLee 1157Mopar Coil + Pin      1.95    
Standpipe, oil filter to pumpChrysler 3577-848All slant-6 engines w/filter on pumpChrysler dealer          
Starter3250 or 3257Slant 6, 273, 318      23.95    
Starter (mini)Mopar 53005984Slant Six           
Starter Solenoid Repair Kit, NippondensoVictory LapNippondenso Mini-StartersShucks/Kragen/Checker Auto Supply     14.991/7/ The contacts are the only thing to ever go wrong with these starters. Kit comes with new plunger and contacts.
Switch, Back Up LightMopar 197183363-64 P.B. AutomaticVandenberg Motors1125 Alhambra Blvd.Sacramento, Ca. 95816  916-452-43313.13    
Switch, Oil Pressure, Large ThreadAmpco Ps61Slant 6           
Switch, Oil Pressure, Small ThreadAmpco Ps30Slant 6           
Switch, stoplightWells CR4812MoPar Not sure what years, see photo
Switch, stoplight (brake)Echlin SL77863-66 A-bodyNapa Auto Stores     52002-11-27 00:00:00   
Switch, Turn SignalMopar 225870063-66 Dart/ValiantMopar          
Switch, turn signal '62-'63 A/B/C bodyTS-102E, MoPar 2258700'62-'63 A, B, C-body carsDaniel Stern    303-835-1300792010-07-29 00:00:00 by original Chrysler supplier
Switch, Turn signal, '64-'66 A/B/C bodyTS-102, MoPar 2631 383'64, '65, '66 A, B, and C-body carsDaniel Stern    303-835-1300792010-07-29 00:00:00 by original Chrysler supplier
Switch, Wiper, Variable SpeedMopar 277037869 ValiantBishop Motor Sales201 San Benito St.Holister, Ca. 95023  408-637-443120.27    
Thermostat, 160Napa 70Slant 6Napa Auto Parts          
Thermostat, 180Carol CG9180Slant 6Scherba's Auto Supply     1.89    
Tie Rod End, Inner (Lht)Moog ES-401l63-76 Mopar 'A' Body      13.32    
Tie Rod End, Outer (Rht)Moog ES-401r63-76 Mopar 'A' Body      13.32    
Timing Gears and Chain, Double Roller, All SteelJP5613All Slant Six EnginesCox Brothers Performance1467 Weldon Ave.ColumbusOH43224614-268-9920 Days 614-268-9930(FAX)100  coxbros66@msn.comPrice approximate
Timing Set, Double RollerJPSlant SixCox Brothers    614-268-9930905/28/2002 
Transmission, 3 Speed, Rebuilt 70 Dart + ValiantBullshift Transmissions    408-292-3053385    
Transmission, 3 Speed, Rebuilt Most MoparRon's Transmissions932 W. El CaminoSunnyvaleCa94086408-738-4226255    
Tube, ShiftMopar 222576264-70 Dodge Van      20.29    
U Joint201-255Mopar      11.4    
Vacuum Advance Control, DistributorGP Sorensen # VCC525All electronic distributors with vacuum advanceGP Sorensen     143/1/2005  This is a 6.5 vacuum pot with adjustable tension. This will give 13 degrees of vacuum advance at the crankshaft. This is a good solution when the EGR valve is not used. It will reduce ping due to lots of initial timing advance. VCC538 is the non-adjustabl
Vacuum Control, DistributorStandard VC-9364 Slant SixAlta Sierra Auto Parts Grass ValleyCa95949 14.626/1/2004  The advance number on this control is 6.5. This vacuum control will also fit other years, although the advance number for a particular year may be different.
Valve, Tubless Tire, 2'' X .453Acme A258blUniversalScherba's Auto Supply     3.69    
Vent, Fresh Air, LeftMopar 227756563-66 Dart & Valiant           
Washer, Copper, 1/2'' IdDorman 725-004Van Front Brake Cylinder           
Washer, Copper, 3/8'' Id, 9/16'' OdDorman 725-013Early Front Brake Cylinder, 9''           
water pumpd23bb18347487water punpdodge           
Weatherstrip, Conv. TopMopar 225430763 - 66 A Body, Left Top Center           
Weatherstrip, DoorMopar 2249648 (Grey)63-66 Mopar           
Weatherstrip, Window, LeftMopar 2217129Gt Left Door GlassMopar          
Wheel Cylinder Rebuild KitBrakeBest WCK331849" Rear Brake, 15/16 cylinder           
Wheel Cylinder Rebuild KitConi-Seal BHH WCK33184 (WK33184)9" Rear Brake, 15/16 cylinder           
Wheel Cylinder Rebuild KitConi-Seal BHH WCK33184 (WK33184)9" Rear Brake, 15/16 cylinder           
Windshield washer 'F' connectorEdelmann 844240A-Body & ?Gin's Little Valley Auto Parts Grass ValleyCa95949530-477-7880   ginsauto@sbcglobal.netThis is the proper connector with a screw hole for bolting to the firewall.