Seega Genealogy
By Resa Rivers
Index of Families: Chittenden, Fielding, Rivers, Seega, Tupper

Descentants of Simon Seega

1- Simon SEEGA, b. 1797, Simon was a starving soldier of the Napoleanic Wars
who was taken in by a farmer and married his daughter. He knew how to
build windmills and built one in Siemienau, Prussia and in the surrounding villages.
Fredrick SEEGA
Katherina Kukul SEEGA
2-Fredrick SEEGA, b. abt 1830, d. abt 1905 m- Unknown Children:
Fredrick SEEGA, b. abt 1850, d. abt 1946
Johann SEEGA, b. 1859, d. 1942
Herman SEEGA
Karl SEEGA, b. 1862, d. 1945
Gottlieb SEEGA, b. 1865, d. abt 1957
3- Herman SEEGA, b. 12 Jul 1862, d. Nov 1945
m. Wilhemina SZECH, b. 26 Apr 1868, d. 2 Nov 1943
Emma SEEGA, b. 13 May 1893,d. 16 Nov 1989
Martha SEEGA, b. 8 Jul 1897, d. 14 May 1993
August SEEGA, b. 21 Nov 1898, d. 17 Nov 1960
Berta SEEGA, b. 1895, d. 1939
Ida (Edith) SEEGA
4-Ida (Edith) SEEGA, b 8 Jun 1903 d. 10 Mar 1994, Niskayuna, NY
m.(1) Charles Alexander RIVERS,Jr., divorced 21 Apr 19, b. 23 Apr 1880,
d. 15 Jun 1949
Charles Herman RIVERS, b. 17 Jun 1929, Living
Sylvia Margaret TUPPER, b. 25 June 1931, d. 19 Oct 1999, Auburn, CA m.(2) Paul GOZEMBA ,b. 13 Sep 1903, d.7 Jul 1988,NY
Paula GOZEMBA, b. 1 Feb 1938, Living
m. Charles ALDEN, b. 5 Dec 1937, Living
Hildegard GOZEMBA , b. 6 Aug 1942, Living
m. Edward MOODY , b. 3 Dec 1941, Living
Gerfried GOZEMBA , b. 1 Jul 1940, Living
Gisela GOZEMBA , b. 26 Mar 1945, Living

Index of Families: Chittenden, Fielding, Rivers, Seega, Tupper
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