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The Philipp & Katerina Schirmer believed in Democracy and 1848 they brought their family to America.


You cannot see into your family's future
Without standing on the shoulders of its past... 


Index of Families: Alig, Babbitt, Furbeck, Hull, Martin, Mauzy, Parry, Schirmer, Vedder

Katherine Hummel Schirmer

Katerina Hummel Schirmer,
my Great-Great Grandmother
Born Winnweiler, Germany - Died Nov 1854 Evansville, IL
This brooch is a piece of Victorian mourning jewelry
that has been handed down in our family.
On the back it is inscribed with my Great Grandmother,
Cornelia Schirmer Alig's name, the date of her death in 1913
and my Grandmother's name, Agnes Marie Alig Parry.


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Descendants of Philipp Schirmer

1-Philipp SCHIRMER (18 Feb 1756 Geinsheim, Germany- 
   d. 17 May 1788 Geinsheim, Germany)
   sp: Katerina SCHUTTIN ( - )
  2-Michael Georg SCHIRMER (30 Oct 1776 Geinsheim, Germany -
     d. Speyer, Germany)
     sp: Ottilia WOLF
     3-Philipp Jacob SCHIRMER (10 Jan 1810 Speyer, Germany -
        d. 31 Jan 1885 Greencastle, IN)
        sp: Katerina HUMMEL ( Winnweiler, Germany - 
        d. Nov 1854 Evansville, IN)
        sp: Anna Maria Hoffman (1833 - Jan 1878)
        4-Cornelia Charlotte SCHIRMER (26 Dec 1848 Speyer, Germany - 
           d. 13 Dec 1913 Indianapolis, IN)
           sp: George Johann ALIG (24 Feb 1852 Affeier, Switzerland -
           d. 8 Jan 1878 Indianapolis, IN)
           5-Agnes Marie ALIG (12 Oct 1888 Indianapolis, IN -
              d. 26 Dec 1963 Arcadia, CA)
              sp: Abram Mauzy PARRY (12 Dec 1883 Rushville, IN -
              d. 20 Jan 1946 Ojai, CA)
             6-Letitia Alig PARRY (6 Sep 1916 Indianapolis, IN - 
                d. 23 Dec 1989  Arcadia, CA)
                sp: William Bascom MARTIN (20 Feb 1912 Pasadena, CA -
                adopted as: William Vedder HULL - 16 Jun 1927 
                d. 8 Feb 1994 Arcadia, CA)
                7-Theresa (Resa) HULL  (15 April 1944 Altadena, CA- )
                   sp: Charles Paul RIVERS (25 Jul 1952 Oakland, CA- )  
    Index of Families: Alig, Babbitt, Furbeck, Hull, Martin, Mauzy, Parry, Schirmer, Vedder 
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